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Farah - March 2013
Playing dress up doll and playing around in SL. Wow I’ve missed SL and everything about it, things have changed! I have to learn to manage the SL client again, and my inventory needs a spring-cleaning, hehe! But first I need to go shopping!

Yeah! Also rented me a small shop to get things started again! ;) Come visit….

xxx Farah



Every now and then I sneak into SL, just like now. Having fun dressing up has always been my favorite thing to do in SL. And it is no different from 2006 until now! Still enjoying it.
I bought this new hair and jacket and thought they would have been perfect, because I left SL for so long! They are lovely but put together not perfect unfortunately. I hate the hair sticking through the jacket. And I hate the jacket elbow arm sticking out. The pants…. on the other hand from Maitreya are perfect!! I still love those, have to get some more fall/wintery colors though! I dooo love Mesh hair though… <3

jacket – =DeLa*= Leather Jacket “Bebe” Beige
jeans – Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Pastel * Mint
top – Doppelganger Inc. – Last Thread Tee Marshmallow

New! Neon shorts!

The summer trend for 2012 is NEON colors!

[inoiu] - Neon Shorts - New!

[inoiu] – neon shorts – available in six different colors at the SL marketplace!

Buy your shorts here:

Have a great day!

Meeting up with friends

Although not back in to (free)-fashion blogging (jet ;)), I did meet up with my good friend Renee from FabFree today. We got us some great dresses from a great designer, Nicky Ree. And, obviously, took pictures together!

Renee & Farah

Renee & Farah

Credits for what we are wearing and more affordable & free/cheap items? Find it on FabFree!

xxx Farah

Back in Focus!

I’ve been out of SL for a while, maybe a year. My last blogpost on this blog was in 2010, and on FabFree in 2011 :)!! But I’ve still been following my lovely friend bloggers at FabFree and some other random blogs and feeds. I logged in today and started playing with the feature I was most curious about, which is “Depth of Field”. I loved it from pictures and love it now!
back in focus I turned my Graphics up to ‘Ultra’ and  clicked on “Depth of field”! When I turned it on, everything got blurry! I use the regular SL viewer.

back in focus

So I went with Torley’s Settings for May 2012! I love Torley btw ;), and it got me back in focus again!

Torley’s preferred settings (as of May 2012)

These are optimized for big bokeh, favoring strength over subtlety. Requires a fairly powerful graphics card, or performance will suffer:


  1. Tap Ctrl-0 4-6 times to zoom in and narrow the field of view, creating a more intimate relationship with the tightly-focused subject matter.
  2. Select Advanced menu > Debug Settings.
  3. Set RenderVolumeLODFactor = 8 or even 16, although that may be overkill. This makes it so curves don’t look jaggy when zoomed up close.
  4. As-needed, set RenderAvatarLODFactor = 8 or another high value too.

And the specific DoF settings:

    • CameraAspectRatio = 1.5
    • CameraFieldOfView = 10
      • Higher is more blur, although you’ll need to vary this depending on the subject’s size and your camera’s distance from it.
    • CameraFNumber = 3
      • Again, vary this to taste. Lower is more blur.
    • CameraFocalLength = 250
      • Makes it easier to get up-close and personal with the subject without fuzzing out.
    • CameraMaxCoC = 20
      • Boosted from the default of 10, a good balance.

back in focus

While taking pictures It seems that this feature asks a lot from your computers capacity as I almost crashed, hence the black screen. (Well I did crash eventually)!

back in focus

I have to take smaller pictures to get me in focus again. I love the effect of “depth of field” though, it blurres out the background nice so it doesn’t distract from the person in the picture. I love this feature, and sure will be staying around to play and take pictures in SL again! I’m also wearing MESH pants which is new to me too!

Pants – Maitreya – Zipper skinny pants – Pastel Mint
Top – AOHARU – OffShoulderGauzeTunic – Flower/Red
Wedges – *YS&YS* Penelope Wedge Beige
Hair – >TRUTH< Bronte – mirage

xxx Farah

*[chuculet] kemewa redgreen knit boots gift! *

[chuculet] kemewa boots gift for Jingle Bells Hunt!

[chuculet] is participating in the ‘jingle bells hunt’ with these warm comfy boots. The hunt walks from December 1 – December 31 and is from the organisation of Flirty Huntere, more info here.You are looking for the… the gold jingle bells!( as shown in the picture).

xxx Farah (