About Farah

*cell blocked baby*Second Life resident since December, 23th of 2006. Visit my Second Life Profile page. I just like shopping, playing dress up, having fun, meeting people, dancing, clubbing and just enjoying the SL experience!

I have own a ‘dollarbie’ shop called [chuculet], where I will sell items I created for just a dollar! Nice affordable items, just helping residents out who are low on cash but also still will have a great SL experience. As of May 2012 [chuculet] had to close inworld. I’ll hope to be able to open up a new [chuculet] shop one day. For now some of those items are still available on the SL marketplace if you’d like to buy them.

I used to be a Fashion Blogger for Fabulously Free in SL blog (11/2008 – 09/2011). I really enjoyed my time blogging for FabFree and hope someday to have a lot more time to start (free) fashion blogging again.

update november 2013: I hate to say so, but I am on a huge time-out from SL now…. I just can’t find the time away from my RL to get back. I hope to be back some day….

update november 2016: It has been 3 years since I have been very active in SL, but during this time I still logged on from time to time. Lately I’ve been finding more time for SL, and also did a few blogpost already. 

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog!

xxx, Farah

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