new me & header!

Farah - March 2013
Playing dress up doll and playing around in SL. Wow I’ve missed SL and everything about it, things have changed! I have to learn to manage the SL client again, and my inventory needs a spring-cleaning, hehe! But first I need to go shopping!

Yeah! Also rented me a small shop to get things started again! ;) Come visit….

xxx Farah

3 thoughts on “new me & header!

  1. I used to come to chuculet a lot, then you went poof ! Really miss you fun store and keep looking, hoping youve started up again…went to Gypsy Moon but youd gone poof again !


  2. @faithlessbabii thanksss!!!! I know…. a lot of things happened… from when I started (2006) in SL. I am on a big ‘time-out’ now… but really would love to have an in-world freebie/dollarbie shop again!… I just need a big time out from my RL at the moment :P to have to time to get back to SL again!


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