new dollarbie! *snowflakes* at [chuculet]!

Snow falling down… turning everything around us into beautifull whiteness…. it was gorgeous (but cold) to walk outside… I wanted to share this wonderfull feeling with you… snowflake earrings, now at chuculet!

[chuculet] snowflake earrings - 1L$!!

[chuculet] – snowflake earrings – 1L$

[chuculet] dollarbie bigshop at Taunt Mall

[chuculet] dollarbie shop at a piece of candy mall

xxx Farah (

*wild at heart*

Wild at heart, with a fake furry jacket… beautiful heels and a gorgeous bag… and more to come! Read on… Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

pop feel - fur jacket red – oL (groupgift in store)

yourskin & yourshape – soana bag (3rd gift) and cala soana heels (4th gift) – 0L (xmas gifts in store, temporarily for 2 days, will be replaced with new gifts; please remember to check the front as well as the back of the groupgiftsign for the two gifts!)

other items shown: Curio – Elf skin – (groupgift in notices; Gala & Rita Design Announcement group); Clawtooth -Good morning peeld carrot hair (gift from update group, no history function); Tuli – Black shine leggings (35L); Doppelganger Inc. – Forester sweater black/red.

xxx Farah (

*YourSkin & Yourshape xmas edition skins*

Monicuzza Babenco just released the christmas editons of her gorgeous skins for YourSkin & YourShape. The skins come in 3 skintones, named Nicole (pale), Kelly (light tan) and Michelle (darktan). The christmas edition make-ups!

*ys&ys – kelly skin – hot eb light ; cleavage option availbe for sale in store*

Ys&Ys – nicole  – make up from left to right: jolie – hot – ghost – witch (light eyebrows)

Ys&Ys – kelly  -make up  from left to right: jolie – hot – ghost – witch (light eyebrows)

Ys&Ys – michelle – make up from left to right: jolie – hot – ghost – witch (freckles, dark eyebrows)

Teleport to YourSkin & YourShape!

(Also there is a daily groupgift at the moment for christmas! Boots, bags, heels so far… xxx ;))

other items shown: sixty nine – mog hair (groupgift in store, fatpack); Tuli – luminous eyes brown; beauty avatar couture – stella eyelashes; the obscene – xmas lingerie top (groupgift in notices)

xxx Farah (

*kalnins – orchid heels – *

Kalnins has released their new *Orchid heels*. They are the promo sale at the moment. Which means they are set to a special price for members only. It works as follows:
– you join their Kalnins infochannel group by clicking the rotating sign in the store
– you get acces to the Kalnins Promo Sale of the ‘Orchid heels’.
– remember there are only 30 heels for sale in the promo sale!

Enjoy ^^ xxx

Shown above are the heels straight out of the box… they don’t match my skincolor… but wait there is a hud!

The hud shows the color of the skintone in the centerbox. On top there are little boxes, click the one that matches  your skintone the most. No you can adjust your skintone by clicking the little boxes with more or less reds, green, blue or white. It seemss difficult, but trust me… it’s not! I did it.. and it took me less than 2 min… see results below..


Pretty goood!! ok soo it will probably never exactly match… (or it would have take like an hour), but i think i did a pretty good job! And tested it on different skintones, cause I never wear the same skin/skintone! It took me less then 2 min. every time!

Now the good thing about the HUD is, you can change skintone, but also nailcolor and of course the colors of the strapss!; Yayyy!!

Of course I had to adjust.. and made them… PINK!

Kalnins – Orchid Heels

xxx Farah

new [chuculet] sexy santa girl outfit – red and pink- 5L$!

Ready for this seasons holidays?! Want to dress up? Celebrating christmas… get your own sexy santa girl outfit at chuculet!

[chuculet] sexy santa girl - red - 5L$

*[chuculet] sexy sant girl outfit in red*

[chuculet] sexy santa girl - pink - 5L$!

*[chuculet] sexy sant girl outfit in pink*


> new [chuculet] sexy santa girl outfit – red and pink- 5L$/each<
(includes outfit, boots and bangles)

[chuculet] at a piece of candy Mall

[chuculet] bigstore at Taunt mall


xxx Farah (

*candy hunt*

Today is all about candies.. and I am happy when we talk about candies! A piece of candy, Pema in Pieces and chuculet are presenting the candy hunt! (yay very exciting the first hunt I am in officially!). There are amazing gifts in this hunt, and you can almost create a whole new avie with it! And obviously you are looking for candies! Ooehh also a very sexy subscribogift! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

A piece of candy – keyes dress white – oL (subscribogift!)

Farah for FabFree

A piece of candy – renee guise skins tone 3 – (1L/each from Candy Hunt; they have ‘push up’/cleavage/sexyness ;))

 Farah for FabFree

pema in pieces – horus eyes yellow – (1L from Candy Hunt); skin is renee guise skin (also from Candy Hunt)

 Farah for FabFree

pema in pieces – horus eyes green – (1L from Candy Hunt); skin is renee guise skin (also from Candy Hunt)

A piece of candy – tilly dresses in violet and olive – (1L/each from Candy Hunt) (different skirt options !)

Farah for FabFree

A piece of candy – hard candy dresses – (1L/each from Candy Hunt); chuculet - leana heels in matching colors – (1L/each from Candy Hunt).

chuculet - fraia shape – (1L from Candy Hunt) (skin and eyes are also from the Candy Hunt!)


other items shown: miel – saturday  hair – blonde 1; poses by Maldita; eyelashes stella from beauty avatar couture.

 xxx Farah (; also blogged on FabFree