*cell blocked baby*

Yesterday I saw the sexiest RL-picture of my friend blogger Sydd! Sydd made her avie look like her! (and both RL and SL version are gorgeous). It got me thinking… I was introduced to SL with this explanation “it’s like playing dress up with dolls”… soo I thought: blond, blue eyes…. barbie… and that’s what I made of my avie…. also when I started out, there were not much great skins and haircolors to choose from.. sooo I got stuck to blond hair anyway… ah well…. I still wonder if everyone elses avie looks like RL you? For now enjoy! xxx Enjoy ^^

*cell blocked baby*

*cell blocked baby*

*cell blocked baby*

skin –:: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Cotton – Liner Red (vip groupgift in store)
hair – fri.day – Michelle – Happy Blond
overall – Hell Bop – Ruby – Cyan
jacket – (Wasted Youth) Cell Block Blazer
tights – =IZUMIYA=Color Tights/Firebrick
heels – [Pixel Mode] Baby T Plain : Blood
hairpin – (Nushru) Ladybug Bobby Pin Black chin (attached to mouth)
necklace – [ glow ] studio Chain of fools Necklace
bangle – *YourSkin&YourShape* Simoun Bangle
bag –[Pixel Mode] Leeza Suede Purse – Red
poses by LAP

xxx Farah (https://farahpalmer.wordpress.com)


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