*YS&YS and Doppelganger Inc.*

Halle, Ashanti and Jamila are the new skins made by YS&YS, the beautiful chocolate colored skins are just adorable and I actually think these are the right skin tone and have great make-up styles. I’ll actually have to ask my friend, Sydd Sinister, who is an expert in darker skins in SL. But as far as I can judge and tell you my opinion…. i loohoovee them!!! I’ve decided to show these off with the cute new lingerie styles from Doppelganger Inc., called Coquette. Enjoy xxx ^^



*YS&YS and Doppelganger Inc.*


*YS&YS and Doppelganger Inc.*

YourSkin & YourShapefrom left to right: Halle, Ashanti and Jamila skintones.

YourSkin & YourShape – Halle, Ashanti and Jamila skin (4 make-upstyles shown for each skin, but there are more available!)

*YS&YS and Doppelganger Inc.*

Doppelganger Inc. – Coquette Lingerie (in tons of colors!)

other items shown:
hair – Junwave – Ageha Brown
poses by KS2Cool

xxx Farah (https://farahpalmer.wordpress.com)


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