It could be coincidence or it could be not…. The new skins released by YourSkin & YourShape designers are called “Stella” (pale),  “Sharon” (light tan), and “Farah”(!! darktan). Yess the darktan ones are called Farah, just like me! So I had to blog these! I feel very much honoured that Ys & Ys released a skin (and shape, not shown here) called Farah! The skin comes in 14 different make up styles, all of which very beautifull, see below for some of those make up styles. I love the lips and eyes very much! Thank you Monicuzza and Monyka!!

*Farah skin by Ys&Ys*

Above is shown – Ys & Ys – Farah – Smokey EB Dark Hairbase.

*Farah skins by Ys&Ys*

Your Skin & Your Shape – Farah Skins – New! Lighter skintones are also available and called “Stella” and Sharon”(not shown here)

Hair is from RezIpsa Loc – Martha (lucky chair)

xxx Farah (https://farahpalmer.wordpress.com)


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