*kalnins – orchid heels – *

Kalnins has released their new *Orchid heels*. They are the promo sale at the moment. Which means they are set to a special price for members only. It works as follows:
– you join their Kalnins infochannel group by clicking the rotating sign in the store
– you get acces to the Kalnins Promo Sale of the ‘Orchid heels’.
– remember there are only 30 heels for sale in the promo sale!

Enjoy ^^ xxx

Shown above are the heels straight out of the box… they don’t match my skincolor… but wait there is a hud!

The hud shows the color of the skintone in the centerbox. On top there are little boxes, click the one that matches  your skintone the most. No you can adjust your skintone by clicking the little boxes with more or less reds, green, blue or white. It seemss difficult, but trust me… it’s not! I did it.. and it took me less than 2 min… see results below..


Pretty goood!! ok soo it will probably never exactly match… (or it would have take like an hour), but i think i did a pretty good job! And tested it on different skintones, cause I never wear the same skin/skintone! It took me less then 2 min. every time!

Now the good thing about the HUD is, you can change skintone, but also nailcolor and of course the colors of the strapss!; Yayyy!!

Of course I had to adjust.. and made them… PINK!

Kalnins – Orchid Heels

xxx Farah


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