*new* sandalettes – nala – 1L$ – at [chuculet]!

No summer is definitaly not over yet….. with these sandalettes! I made these a while ago.. but finally got time to finish up, color and wrap it all up in packages! you can wear these with or without the fringes! aint that something?

*[chuculet] nala sandalettes - 1L$*

[chuculet] – sandalettes – nala – 1L$ / each color (white, turquoise, pink)

 *[chuculet] nala sandalettes - fabfree gift*

 [chuculet] – sandalettes – nala – fabgreen – oL (groupgift in store and in notices ; join FabFree group in world!)

 where to find these ?

[chuculet] at A Piece of Candy

[chuculet] at BabyDoll Island

[chuculet] items at Xstreet SL (shapes are in the uncensored section)


xxx Farah


2 thoughts on “*new* sandalettes – nala – 1L$ – at [chuculet]!

  1. Farah you are my favorite designer :) I love these sandals! They’re so cute!!! To have both options with the fringe is such a fabulous added bonus. Thank you!!


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