FabFree HeadQuarters and Opening Party!

I’m am very proud to be a FabFree-blogger, and even proud(er-er-er) to announce the opening of our new FabFree Headquarters! The new HQ is just absolutely Fabulous! Thanks to Floatie Hock (owner of the Car Wash sims and Hell Bop Clothing) for the plot and the great building!

Come join us for a super-amazing party with loads of gifts and Live music! Also a prize sploder with … omg… giftcards from Fabulous designers from around SL… gives out prizes every 2 minutes!

!!..FabFree new HQ..!!


Gifts from Fabulous Designers:
A Piece of Candy – candy Enoch
A-BOMB – Lavea Alter
AddiCt – Kianna Noel
Allusions – Sabryne Rhode
A:S:S – Photos Nikolaidis
[AV] VLODOVIC  – Adreahna Vlodovic
Baby Monkey Shoes – Pixieplumb Flanagan
*BabyDoll* – BabyDoll LaFontaine
Beauty Avatar Couture – aida Ewing
Boom – Aranel Ah
BooPerFunK – Booperkit Moseley
Bryce Designs – Bryce Tully
Cat Creations – Catsifthe Cuttita
CCD – Caithlin Carter Designs – Sheyla Mills
Cheap Love Song – Spudgy Dean
Cher’s – Cherlindrea Lamont
[chuculet] – Farah Palmer
Cilian’gel Fashion – Cilia Shepherd
{CIPRIA COUTURE} – Myla Vuckovic
**cute bytes** – Bit McMillan
Diesel Works – Rogan Diesel
Dopplegänger Inc. – Syler Morgwain
Eolande’s Jewelry Essentials – Eolande Elvehjem
ETERNITY JEWELLS – Singsong Writer
Exile – Kavar Cleanslate
Extreme Reality Skins – Mystical Demina
[E3D] Enchant3D Emporium – Fianna Idora
*Etoile* – Lorrelle GossipGirl
Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen
*Fukmi* – Fukmi Sideways
Fusion Furniture – Grace Staryk
[glow] Studio – Anemysk Karu
Hell Bop – Floatie Hock
Honey-Honey – Honey Szpeizer
House of Heart – Sheltered Heart
I <3 Rien – Lya Seerose
Lemania Indigo Designs – Lemania Indigo
Loco Pocos – Damien Fate
Loser Designs – Zolin Dae
MADesigns – Maddox DuPont
Malt – Khea Karas
(Mirada) Hair – Washu Zebrastripe
::: Mix and Match :::  – Manis Lane
Modd.G – moddishh GossipGirl
Mudhoney – Rayvn Hynes
Naith Smit Design – naith Smit
O-Magine HomeWorks – Omaire Abattoir
OuT.Rage! – Delaynie Barbosa
Philotic Energy – Aemilia Case
Pididdle – Brutus Martinek
Pretzel*Poses – Candle Swords
Prim & Pixel Paradise – Mairead Fitzgerald
PXL Creations – Hart Larsson
Ramona Collection – Sheyla Mills
SD Wears – Desdemona Young
.Shapes by *Minettes. – Isabel Susanti
!She’s So Unusual Shoes – Rowan Carroll
Shoe Fly Shoes – CCTV Giant
Seldom Blue – IndigoBlue Dagostino
Silk & Satyr – ThomasD Felisimo
Sin & Secrets – Huxly Hudson & Leila Dix
*Sinuous Shapes* – Arielle Boccaccio
SKGShoes – Saki Galiazzo
s’LADE MEN – Harsh Slade
Slash Me Poses – Claire Dallin
Striking Poses – Zelly Mornington
Sugar Mill Poses – Anicia Medici
Sweeter Than Candy – Candace Morgwain
TeaLane – Laynie Link & Teagan Blackthorne
The Stringer Mausoleum – Helena Stringer
Urban Dysfunction – Kenzie Corleone
V & V Fine Designs – Vanny Wilder
vMotional Animations – Sin Toshi
Wetherby’s – Alejandra Jumanya
WoE – Dick Wiesel

*Plus, many more to come!*

A very special thanks to all of the designers who have participated!  We love you all!


The Car Wash sim is 1 years old so there is also the Let Them Eat Cake hunt (12th june – 28th of june) going on and a party to celebrate the official opening of the FabFree Headquarters!

<3  YAAAYYY <3

!!..FabFree new HQ..!!

Come meet the fabulous FabFree writers, some fabulous designers, and each other!  Have some cake, listen to some awesome music, and win some prizes at the Car Wash!  While you are there take a look at the headquarters.  If are a Fabulously Free in SL group member and you need a location to set for home use the FabFree Headquarters!


xxx Farah


3 thoughts on “FabFree HeadQuarters and Opening Party!

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  2. I try TP a few minutes ago and I can’t enter the sim because says I was ban, I don’t know how because I think I never been in car wash.

    I speak with Floatie Hock (owner) and she don’t know why “[16:39] Floatie Hock: sorry i dont know who ban you but we dont ban lightly”

    Lucky of you if you enter in the sim :(


    • Hi karla,
      I’m sorry to hear that… I know Floatie doesn’t ban people randomly. It was very busy at the sim at that time, but I’m glad you finally made it!

      xxx love Farah


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