*thank you Syler*

The other day I almost freaked out…. did it ever happen to you: losing your inventory??!! OWHMYY I never knew I could freak out like that! I tried everything, relogging several times, clearing cache, restarting computer etc…. then I really almost cried… I mean from 22k to 2k items (=all empty folders) is not something you want!! … Ok it’s a great way to clean out my inventory from all the free stuff i collected… but anyhooo….. Gladly Super Syler (or Batman Syler.. lol;)) came to the rescue!! sooo this post is all about Syler Morgwain!! THANK YOU for guiding me trough the steps to get my invo all back!! wOOOtt!!! xxx ^^

 *ty syler*




Doppelganger Inc. – Amsterdam Shorts – blue (!! clothing and shapes by Syler and Frankie !!)


Malt – Antique suede jacket gold (pre release & blogger appreciation gift)

Armidi Gisaci – buone vacanze – (wearing pink top and belt only)

Chikka Designs – Autumn scarf

HOC – aviator style glasses

Maitreya hair – Amber – ash blond

Cupcakes – Seduction Skin – Copper – Berry

SKGshoes – Eva (customizable skintone and toenail color!) – 10L offer of the week!

Apollon – Homburg hat – corduroy

Tuli – Bow plaid bag (lucky chair)



xxx Farah


4 thoughts on “*thank you Syler*

  1. … well change… folow exactly what Syler told me to do… I believe it’s called the Beta Grid… had to log on in there to retrieve it all back… omg.. soo glad it worked!!

    btw: sooo glad I met you… u r the most unique person I know!

    xxx Farah


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