Two things!

*off fashion related topic*

Two things…. First: loolll… I got invited to a group called noobilisous on flickr… and look what happened! I just had to share these with u…. lol.. !!


Second:  … it also made me wonder… and thinking about his for a while now:

do you look like your RL self in SL?

I added a poll on my blog… vote please… I’m curious!

I am not talking about the obvious beauty SL offers, where no one has pimpels, cellulite, sagging breasts, beer bellies and soo on… but the main features like for example hair color? Well I’m not a natural blond… but I love that SL overs me to dress up to whatever I like… I mean to go from all blond to all black in a few clicks… is amazing!

xxx Farah


2 thoughts on “Two things!

    • Omg Shang!!

      Ur noob is tooo cute!! looollll… isn’t it soo funny to see how SL is getting better and better. I must admit.. nOOb-me scares the ** out of me! LoL xxx


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