Natural Cherry.

Although I am definitaly a girlie-girl RL or SL, I do have like off-days… no make-up, no pink-ness, no heels, no non-sense.. just me… au natural… xxx



pants, top and bag – Rebel Xtravaganza – cherry bisquit

scarf – chikka designs – autumn scarf

glasses – solar eyewear – nash

shoes – ubu – ubu drunks

ciggies arm belt – mix and match (oL)

hair – maitreya – aisha

skin – cupcakes – seduction – copper

eyelashes – on the catwalk – doe

eyes – tuli – luminous eyes



xxx Farah


2 thoughts on “Natural Cherry.

  1. All you bloggers need to stop posting those Dunks! I’m getting too close to buying them! :P

    I’m definitely a girlie girl in SL also. I usually stare longingly at blog posts that have been styled in a less feminine way. I think you did an excellent job with this outfit. :)


    • thank you plum! I know.. u Should soo get those UBU drunks, whenever I wear them.. I keep caming in and out… they are truly amazing… and customizable with any color you love… even some textures! xxx


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