*baw* dresses!

Blogger appreciation week… i am just gonna say *baw*… has been great! I feel sooo appreciated.. soo much love from all the designers.. from little to big! Everyone was soo very generous! Obviously I won’t be able to blog them all… I also still have a lot of unpacking to do. Somehow I unpack designers which I know off first… hmmm… but I will get to the smaller designers too… ;) well here are some fabulous dresses… will come back to show more stuffs… I hope these are for sale at the stores.. I know some gifts we received are but probably not all of them are! Anyway.. be sure to check out the stores anyway!  xxx
*baw* dresses

*baw* dresses


pic 1:

dress by elate – maria plum dress

pants by beauty avatar (part of peach charlotte dress)

hair by tiny bird – willow c – wheat

other items:

gloves by Opium

heels by maitreya – verve pumps black 

pic 2:

dress by beauty avatar

other items:

heels by sole sister – carrie full mod

head flower by split pea (RFL item)

hair amber by maitreya


xxx Farah


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