flowers all over!

Farah for FabFree

Wetherby’s – free dress – oL (inside store, near catwalk)

Baby Monkey – spring gift (heels, flats and bag) – oL (upstairs in the freebie corner. Be sure to also check downstairs for great groupgifts!)

Junwave – chignon flower hair – pick reward gift (the sign is outside the store at the main entrance)

Mayamaya creations – eyelashes – oL (groupgift)

other items shown: cupcakes – seduction skin; poses by KS2Cool (former KScreations)

If your sculpted shoes look all distorted and weird from a distance.. change these settings for a better view:

1. Ctrl – Alt – D
´Advanced´ menu will show up on the top of your screen.
2. Select ´Debug Setting… ´
3. In the White space copy the text
4. Change the Value to 4.000

xxx Farah


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