it’s still raining….

Although it’s spring… it’s still raining… :( hate it when that happens… it’s warm, but not really.. soo it’s still cold and damp.. and the sky is grey.. and well you don’t know what to wear or how to feel…. ^^


**still raining**


*still raining*

**still raining**


axel – simone floral skirt

dany french touch – black leather coat – 1L

cupcakes – top with cardigan salmon

truth – belt pewter

plus – bag black leather – 1L

skg shoes – zoe pumps – 5L (weekly offer)

miel shop – charocal scarf – 0L (subscribogift)

truth – natasha hair – blondes pack

chuculet – bangles and sunglasses – 1L

xxx Farah


2 thoughts on “it’s still raining….

  1. Hey, I love your site! How’d you get the scarf and the jacket attached to the same av? I thought the jacket used both the spine attachment and the other one that works the same way (can’t remember) so that you couldn’t wear a necklace with it.



  2. hey Mandy…

    First of all.. thank you for your comment!! yay! glad that you like my little blog ;)
    I always attach things to the nearest place I want to show them… lol… I totally forgot how i did this one, but try leaving the jacket-collar as it is.. and attach the scarf to your left shoulder?… xxx good luck!


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