getting ready for summer…

Lately I’ve had the feeling to get ready for summer… that means I just had the feeling… no action came out of that feeling what so ever… just thinking of exercising makes me tired.. know that feeling too? anyhoo… i totally need to get ready for summer… start working out, cause i’ve seeen the cutest bikini’s in RL.. and I neeeed me one of those… soooo thought i’d start with dressing up to work out.. maybe that will do the trick into actually doing something ^^ looolll <3

  *ready for summer II*

*ready for summer*




hair by honeyhoney – hair A up caramel brown

skin – seduction by cupcakes (previous easter gift)

shape – chloe shape by chuculet (1L)

outfit by honeyhoney – sweat setup beige

white top by honeyhoney – non sleeve white top

belt and bangles wood – by honeyhoney

sneakers  by hoorenbeek – superstar women sneakers

headphones from previous hunt at savvy avvy

hairband, messengerbag – by chuculet (giftbox)

 sunglasses and silver bangles – by chuculet(1L each)

1st picture gym taken at SLeek Furniture; 2nd picture  poses by Izumiya


xxx Farah


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