chloe.. a new dollarbie shape for u!

Chloe is a new dollarbie shape I created for u, the first shape, from my new – brand new – store… [chuculet]! You’ll only find dollarbies at [chuculet].. as my friend Renee Lowenhart quoted: “[chuculet] only dollarbies, cause a girl just can’t have one!”

But back to chloe now, she’s strict but sweet, down to earth but with gorgeous mysterious eyes… she’s feminine and curvy… that’s chloe!

[chuculet] chloe shape - 1L$

[chuculet] chloe shape - 1L$

 *[chuculet] chloe shape – mod/copy/no transfer – 1L$*


Now I’ve seen great amazing shapes around SL, which are usually very expensive, which I totally understand. But OMG i’ve seen a whole bunch of just FUGLY shapes out there, which are being sold for ridicilous prices! Then i am like… what the… are the creators thinking?! Anyhow… I hope you don’t think that way of my shapes… and like my shapes, or use it as a base to create your own style, cause ya’all shouldn’t pay ridiculous prices for fugly shapes with no perms!


shape – chloe by [chuculet] – 1L

skin – alyssa by Beauty Avatar –  1L

hair – Milli by Analog Dog – 0L
 eyes – by Tuli – luminious steel eyes
 eyeLashes –  by On the Catwalk – Doe eyelashes
 lingerie – by Babydoll – Turquoise Jacquard Bustier


xxx Farah


3 thoughts on “chloe.. a new dollarbie shape for u!

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Gosh, there are SO many weird shapes out there. And while I understand why designers make them no mod…I still hate it! I want to be able to tweak stuff, you know? And if there is no demo…I won’t buy. I have paid too much for shapes I can now never use. :(


    • @ sydd: thank you!! you are the sweetest!!

      @ gabby: omg… i totally agree! I spend a fortune on shapes with no perms… and got really frustrated… i’m not saying my shapes are perfectly gorgeous, but at least they are mod/copy and totally affordable!


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