Introducing: chuculet!

I’ve renamed, redesigned, reopend my dollarbie store…. with new items! The new name for my dollarbie shop is now: chuculet… which is obviously (chocolate ^^!!). The old name Ruffian by FP.. is gone… it all started as a bad joke in RL and got all the way in to SL… well it’s not funny anymore.. sooo I had to change the name to a more appropriate one.. and ‘chuculet’ was born!


All my old items will retire to Xstreet and some of them will just dissapear…. lol.. but no worries… I’m not done creating yet… and I will sure spamm u with a whole lot of dollarbie-creations!  

Soo for now this is it:


*chuculet – strappy flower heels and ballet flats  – 1L/each*


Head over to [chuculet] dollarbie store at BabyDoll Island


xxx Farah


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