New dollarbie: Angela Shape!

Sooo I started creating shapes for the fun of it…. and for ‘Angela’ I got inspired by the new dollarbie skin ‘A piece of candy’ has out, called Ester! Now I know there are not much dark beautifull free or cheap skins out there… soo I’m very happy with this almost free and pwetty skin!

Angela Shape by Farah Palmer - L$1


*Ruffian by FP – Angela Shape – L$1*

Angela has a nice full figured round shaped… well a real feminine body actually.. which totally suits her style. The shape is modifiable soo you can change the looks to your own style!

Now look at the cute bikini she is wearing!! It’s from Babydoll and I just had to wear it…. it’s a string bikini soo I can’t wear it all the time… but it’s gorgeous! The hair is a groupgift from Exile! Hope u like Angela ^^!

Ruffian by FP – Angela Shape – L$1 (modify/no copy/ no transfer)

  • InWorld @ BabyDoll Island
  • Xstreet SL
  • StyleCard:

    Exile – Ursula Melt Candy hair – 0L (groupgift)

    Babydoll – Leopard String Bikini

    Mai Body Shop – eyes – 0L


    xxx Farah



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