While freebie-hunting for the FabFree blog… an doing 10000 other things at the same time… I some how was wearing thiss all at once.. really… didn’t really think it through… I like how everything some how matches.. but then again.. maybe don’t? LOL.. if u know what I mean… lol <3…


Hair – mademoiselle by Dejavu

Skin – Belina gift skin by Bebae

Dress – Leopard dress by Gigi Couture

Bag – Focsani bag by Armidi

Corsage – old one by bossa nova (store doesn’t excist anymore.. at least I couldn’t find it!)

Shoes – previous hunt gift by DYN

Sunglasses – by Ruffian, my store! – 1l

Bangles and Earrings – by Ruffian – 1l


xxx Farah


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