Julia Shape.. new and (almost) free!

The other day I was traveling arount the grid to find me a new shape. Not that I’m not happy with my shape, don’t get me wrong. I am very proud of my shape, which I created myself. But.. I wanted something new, as not all skins totally fit my avie.. soo I was shape hunting! I discovered that a whole lot of good, nice face/nice body shape are totally ridiculously expensive.. which made me decide to give it a shot myself.. and well… this is my first shape:

I call her ‘Julia’ as, I used the dollarbie Julia skins from Lazolli to create her!

Julia is modify! No copy/no transfer!


Available for L$1 in my store inworld or on Xstreet!

Ruffian (inworld) or On Xstreet SL – Julia Shape – 1L

Lazolli Skin – Julia Skin – 1l

Maitreya – Hair – Faye – Blondes

Babydoll – Lingerie (valentine’s hunt)


xxx Farah


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