Pwetty Pictures…

Are you still living in the darkness? Let there be light.. and pwetty pictures!


Now this is the normal settings when I log in to SL…. looks kind of dark and shady right?


Now that’s better right? All pretty, shiny, glamorous… yay… let’s take pictures!!

There are several ways to change your environment setting.. and to take pretty pictures!

1. Just change the environment settings to midday (Ctrl+shift+Y)… there is light, but also ugly shades! Hmm… not the best option.. soo let’s look further!

2. Click World > Environment Settings > Environment editor.

Click Lightning-tab and change these things:

– scene gamma: drag it to max. 10

– sun/moon position: drag it to 0

This changes a whole lot already… and well just play with the other functions, and see what happens! I like to change the ambient tab.. as you can change the overall colors to more warm or colder looks. Also try out the different sky presets and look how they look on your avie! I’ve saved some of my favorite presets.. which I use to take pictures… I just don’t know how to set them as default…

Anywayyy… hope it helps… this is probably not the best tutorial.. but hey… it works for me.. and I thwink my pwictures are pwetty….


xxx Farah


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